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How does Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing work?
The laser skin resurfacing system has the ability to ablate microscopic zones of tissue deep within the dermis as well as treating microscopic zones of tissue on the skin’s surface, leaving “bridges” of untouched skin to aid in the regeneration process.
What types of skin conditions can be treated?
Fractionated CO2 resurfacing is effective for the treatment of facial and non-facial photodamage, such as wrinkles and discoloration. It is also widely used for the treatment of scars from acne, burns, and other trauma.
Is the Laser Treatment uncomfortable?
Typically, “twilight” anesthesia through an IV in the arm is provided by a board-certified anesthetist (particularly when large facial or body areas are undergoing treatment). For smaller areas, a series of anesthetic injections will be delivered by your doctor. Pain medications may also be provided. It will be necessary to plan for at least 3 to 4 hours in the office for the preoperative preparation, laser surgery, and recovery period. Transportation home from the office will need to be pre-arranged as patients are not permitted to drive by themselves.
Are there any side effects associated with Fractional CO2 Resurfacing?
  • Patients may experience redness, swelling, and slight crusting and oozing which usually subsides within 5 to 7 days with regular application of ice and prescribed healing ointments. A light pink appearance to the skin may last an additional 7-14 days, but can be camouflaged with make-up.
  • Infrequently, skin rawness or exacerbation of a pre-existing cold sore can occur. Thus, please inform the doctor before the laser surgery if a history of cold sores exists.
  • Prescriptions for medications to take prior to and during the healing phase of the procedure will be provided. These medications will help to decrease the risk of infection.
  • Long-term risks of discoloration and scarring are rare, but can potentially occur whenever there is disruption of the skin’s surface.  Strict adherence to all advised postoperative instructions will reduce the possibility of unwanted side effects and complications.

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CO2 Fractional laser for Acne Scar
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CO2 Fractional laser for Acne Scar
CO2 Fractional laser for Acne Scar

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